Cutler Hammer Network Interface CONI3 CONI-III W/DR IMPACC 8793C80G01

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Brand: Cutler Hammer / Eaton
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Cutler Hammer CONI3 Unit Kit. CONI-III W/DR IMPACC. Style # 8793C80G01. In this “kit”, you get the following (everything you see in the picture):I-PONI Device. Cat # IPONI, Style # 8793C36G01.

CONI Card:

Eaton’s Cutler-Hammer Computer Operated Network Interface 3 (CONI3) is a master communication card that is mounted in a computer’s ISA expansion slot. The CONI3 maintains backward compatibility with existing IMPACC systems. When used in conjunction with E-Bill software, it supports enhanced throughput and use with a Contact Input Card (CIC) for demand window synchronization of multiple meters based on a single utility sync pulse.

NOTE: As many as four CONI3 cards may be mounted in a computer or NetLink when used with the Cutler-Hammer PowerNet suite, increasing network performance.

The PowerNet software suite takes advantage of the CONI3’s message cache allowing approximately twice the network throughput as its predecessor, the CONI1A.

The CONI3 supports a DIP switch selectable base I/O address allowing multiple CONIs and reducing conflicts with other computer cards. When used in conjunction with the Cutler-Hammer PowerNet suite no interrupts are required to be dedicated to the CONI3.

DR IMPACC Software Disk. Impacc Network Diagnostic. Style # 8163A43G01. Version # 1.23

and a Board, part # 00C0850.

This comes with Users Manual, and other original paperwork.

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