Multi-Speed Motor 7121-10237


7121-10237 motor replacement

Please call Moose at 251-650-2219 for further assistance.

Multi-Speed Motor part # 7121-10237 is obsolete but we can get a suitable replacement.   Call for a quote!

Approximate Measurements: 10″ Shaft Length; 5/16″ Shaft Diameter. Horse power 1/20.

Replacement Motor Available!

Replacement motor is 1 speed only and comes with a shorter shaft.  Shaft can be lengthened with a small coupling (not included).  Please see photos below for replacement motor details.

Multi-Speed Motor part # 7121-10237

Shaft length is 4.25 inches

Mutli-Speed Motor Part # 7121-10237

There is a 1/4″ nut on the back where its flat on the original motor.

Multi-Speed Motor Part # 7121-10237

3-1/3″ Diameter motor body with 5/16″ diameter shaft

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